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V.N.T. Hard Surface & Clean Carpet Services

    "We don't just clean them, we restore them"  

                   Tile & Grout, Natural Stone, Carpet, Upholstery     




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V.N.T. Hard Surface & Clean Carpet Services is LICENSED and fully INSURED . We take exceptional pride in all of our work. We are owner operated which means that there is no hourly or percentage of up-sale technicians attempting to up charge you at time of service. Rather a knowledgeable, trained and experienced owner who values quality work and providing top notch customer service. 

V.N.T. Hard Surface & Clean Carpet Services is well knowledgeable in both carpet and hard surface cleaning (tile and grout, travertine, marble, slate, limestone, granite and concrete).

We use a truck-mounted system by the number 1 name in the industry PRO-CHEM! A truck-mount that is capable of pumping out over 200 degrees of consistent heat, (a true steam cleaning of your carpets) as well as over 1,000 psi to ensure that your hard surfaces are completely disinfected and restored to their original condition.

V.N.T. Hard Surface & Clean Carpet Services

About the owner, 

Winston Thomason.

I am from Oceanside, CA. I started this company in 2013 and love what I do. I strive to provide each customer with the best service possible in hope that I earn repeat business and referrals. I do not believe in bait and switch pricing nor up charging for services or work not needed.